The EDEN Annual Conference this year, due to the pandemic constraints will be organised as a virtual event. Dates remain 21-24 June 2020. The virtual host institution is Politehnica University Timisoara, Romania.

Being honoured by the dedication and vision of the European professional community, we look forward to the continued support of EDEN members, partners and friends to ensure the success of the 2020 Annual Virtual Conference.


Timisoara is situated in the western corner of Romania, where three countries (Romania, Hungary and Serbia) and several cultures, nationalities, languages and customs converge.  Timisoara is the place where the 1989 Revolution started in 17 December 1989.





It is at the heart of the Banat region and is also part of Transylvania. Banat is famous for its beauty, wealth, agriculture and hospitable people. Nearby is the famous Recas Wineyard, with a growing worldwide recognition for the quality of its wines.

Timisoara means not only economic activity but also social and cultural life. The past and the present meet in this 700 year old, but very European city.

A medieval citadel, baroque monuments and attractive modern buildings complete a wonderful panorama. Numerous parks and the river Bega with its romantic bridges are just some of the features of this city. Cinemas, theatres, an opera house, discotheques, bars and restaurants, sport facilities and local festivals offer lots of possibilities to spend your spare time in this beautiful student town.

Nowadays Timisoara is considered the Silicon Valley of Central and East Europe due to several world-class high-tech companies which have opened development and production units in the area (Siemens, Alcatel, IBM, Solectron, Kathrein, Delphi-Packard, Zoppas, Continental, Lisa Draxhelmaier, etc).