MicroHE Final Conference

Are you prepared for the new world of microcredentials and digital credentials?

23 June 2020

You can follow the MicroHE conference on our YouTube channel.



MicroHE was built on the conviction that micro-credentialing in Higher Education can be the key to the successful transformation of universities’ service offering, attracting more learners and providing them with high quality micro-credentials that are portable, modular and stackable.

The project has already produced highly influential outputs such as the MicroHE meta-data standard, that has become an important building block of the new Europass data model, the first European issuer of blockchain-secured stackable ECTS credentials, and an ‘invitation only’ Digital Credentials Masterclass, where a selected groups of experts analysed and discussed the future development of micro-credentialing in the coming 5 to 10 years.

We are in the process of conducting a Delphi survey to forecast the impacts of continued modularisation of Higher Education on HE Institutions and examining the adequacy of European recognition instruments for micro-credentials, in particular ECTS, the diploma supplement and qualification frameworks.

While the project partnership is busy completing their mission, the overall European Policy Landscape is rapidly changing as well, echoing the MicroHE sentiments and calls for action. The new Europass, the European Commission’s recently assembled Micro-Credentials Consultation Group and the MICROBOL (Micro-credentials linked to the Bologna key commitments) project are exemplary initiatives that speak for themselves.

The event embedded in the EDEN 2020 Annual Virtual Conference will start at 10.30 CEST with the MicroHE conference keynote address of

Anthony Camilleri:
Micro-Credentials in the Future European Policy Landscape.

After the plenary session the MicroHE strand will be continued in workshop form in 3 Sessions: