Session C: Impacts of Micro-Credentials on Institutional Processes

23 June 2020, 16.00-17.30 CEST

You will meet

Ira Sood, Tampere University, Finland
Henri Pirkkalainen, Tampere University, Finland
Mark Brown, Director at National Institute for Digital Learning, Ireland.
George Ubachs, Managing Director at EADTU, Netherlands.

Session description

Microcredentials represent an alternative approach towards handling the development needs of the modern day learner. They not only help target individual competence development but also offer increased flexibility and personalization providing added value to an Institution’s learning offerings. Digitalisation has had a major impact on the education sector as a whole in the last decade. Although so far it only appeared as an opportunity, until very recently the COVID crisis turned it into a necessity overnight. Institutions that were well prepared breathed a sigh of relief while those that weren’t were left scrambling for last minute resources.

The use and implementation of novel approaches such as Microcredentials has been the key focus of the MicroHE project. In practical terms, they require a well envisioned structured approach comprising different stages and layers of technical infrastructure as well as a proactive approach from HEIs. During various discussions with experts throughout the duration of the project, the impact of Microcredentials on the overall institutional strategy has been identified as key in offering the possibility to enhance and strengthen inter-institutional processes and at the same time making them more attractive to lifelong learners. The design and assessment of Microcredentials is another area that could offer new opportunities when it comes to creating an ecosystem that is sustained by continuous co-operation between HEIs, employers and digital content providers resulting in enhanced educational offerings, workforce capability and creation of new business models. Such initiatives are already picking up steam. The recently envisioned ECIU project aims to harness the potential of Microcredentials among a consortium of universities to offer challenge-based learning opportunities for students in collaboration with local businesses. MicroHE paved the way for the Microcredential movement and we would love to hear your ideas and thoughts on how we can take this movement further!