A2. Methodology

22 Jun 2020
10:45 - 12:15

A2. Methodology

23  Ana Paula Martinho, Paula Vaz-Fernandes and Carla Padrel de Oliveira. Essencial Inputs to Evaluation the B-Learning Undergraduate Programme in Environmental Sciences

29  Margarita Tereseviciene, Elena Trepule, Marius Sadauskas, Rasa Greenspon and Nilza Costa. Digital badges for students’ assessment and recognition. A university case

34  Airina Volungeviciene, Josep M. Duart, Justina Naujokaitiene, Giedre Tamoliune and Rasa Greenspon. TEACHER PRACTICES IN USING LEARNING ANALYTICS TO ENHANCE LEARNING IN BLENDED ONLINE STUDIES

53  Antonella Poce, Francesca Amenduni, Carlo De Medio and Alessandra Norgini. ASSESSING CRITICAL THINKING IN OPEN-ENDED ANSWERS: AN AUTOMATIC APPROACH