Erasmus+ at EDEN 2020


Erasmus+ at EDEN 2020

Micro-credentialing in European Higher Education

Aligned to the themes of the conference, the final symposium of the Erasmus+ MicroHE initiative will focus on Micro-credentialing. In order to make micro-credentials a pillar of university service, the project has been working on the impact of modularisation, including the first European survey on micro-credentials in HE, proposing a meta-data standard and launching an online clearinghouse to facilitate recognition, transfer and portability of micro-credentials in Europe.


To highlight the digital culture aspect of the conference a special section will be dedicated to digital education for the creative industries, as part of the Erasmus+ DigiCulture project for improving the digital competences and social inclusion of adults in creative industries. The ‘Digital Skills for Creative Industries and Culture Courses’, as a blended learning and online courses (MOOCs) and the achievement of Open Badges for Digital Competences are to be analysed during this workshop.