Timișoara 2021 in 2020


Timișoara 2021 in 2020

Timisoara 2021 in June 2020

Timisoara European Capital of Culture in 2021

Sometimes big changes start on street corners. In 1884, Timișoara was the first city on mainland Europe to have electric street lighting. In 1989, the sparks of Revolution against Ceaușescu’s regime were ignited on the streets of Timișoara. In 2021, Timișoara European Capital of Culture aims to share its aspirations with the rest of Europe.

Our concept is to create conditions for the courage needed to generate a new sense of community. This is an appropriate cultural response to the deep crisis of confidence and insecurity which both Europe and Timișoara face in the 21st century. The ‘spirit of Timișoara’ will be reignited — this time through culture. 

The TM2021 Cultural Programme is built around people, the places where they live and meet and how they connect with each other, their surroundings and the continent.

Mid June 2020, when EDEN Conference is in Timisoara, we will be next to you by spicing up the programme with cultural events, with digital art and culture.

TM2021 is planning to showcase outdoor events dedicated to the performing arts: theatre, dance, and contemporary circus, where visitors are invited to attend and even to partake, free of charge, in the main central squares, Union Square, Liberty Square and Sf. Gheorghe Square, as well as in one of the neighbourhoods of the city.

In June 2020, we will host the second edition of our digital culture and heritage, community involvement project Spotlight Heritage Timisoara, a project which is run by Politehnica University of Timisoara in partnership with National Museum of Banat, by showcasing the Elisabetin neighbourhood, where the University Campus is located.

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Photo of Timișoara 2021

Photo courtesy of Timișoara City Hall

Photos of Impuls 2019

Photo Seba Tătaru

Photos of Spotlight Heritage Timișoara 2019

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