OU50 at EDEN2020


OU50 at EDEN2020

The Open University UK is the largest UK academic institution. Since it was founded, more than 2 million students of 157 countries have studied its courses. Throughout its 50 years of history it has become not only the largest academic institution in the United Kingdom, but and one of the largest in Europe by student number as well as qualifying as one of the world’s largest universities.

EDEN is honoured to have on ongoing and fruitful relationship with OU UK. As an expression of appreciation, several slots of the Annual Conference will be dedicated to the Open University.

Professor Denise Whitelock, Interim Director for the Institute of Educational Technology at The Open University, will hold her keynote speech on the topic of “Digital Assessment and Artificial Intelligence: Practice and Promise”.

Several aspects of the BELL project supporting the development of a lifelong learning consortium in Belarus will be presented in a special session as well. OU experts will demonstrate how they are experimenting with data science and technology to enable a personalised, multi-channel student experience that improves student chances of success.

Throughout the conference, a thematic exhibition titled “The OU at 50, and the 25 year EDEN partnership” will frame the event.